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    Help help help

    I bought the 99.99 speed up pack that was supposed to give me 3000 hours of speeds. I recieved the 25k gems but i didnt get any of my speeds i mailed the devs and they simply said to wait now they wont respond and i bought the pack 4 days ago and am yet to recieve my speed ups. I am praying someone on here can help me out my in game name is fleshlight i have my user id and anything else i can provide to help.

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    Good luck. I don't think these people even read the requests. They send back what appears to be prewritten standard replies. In fact, I don't believe they are even really there. I'm appealing to iTunes because they double charged me for a pack I bought. The response was they checked and it was for a previous purchase. Well, that ticked me off because A I've never received a mysterious pack I didn't pay for B they don't do credit. You pay them you receive . C. They think we are really that stupid. I sent another letter detailing these facts and this time I got in broken English, that the crew leader said it was affirmed that it was a previous purchase. Well needless to say my next letter was filled with colorful language and unflattering theories on their genetic makeup and mental capacity. This time they killed the thread and won't respond. I'm still mad. And the sad thing is it was $5. How greedy are these people that they would risk losing someone who has spent 10-20 times that much on this crappy poorly administered game. $5. You will get no help from these people. They are rank amateurs and the more I see if this game the more I'm thinking of forming a group to go to google play and iTunes and try to get full refunds for everyone who has spent a dime on this game. Of course once I post this I may be banned or have my luck "adjusted". And oh yes they can and do set levels of luck you have on wheel or any mystery package or prize. Mostly it is set by how much you spend but any factor they choose can be used. Like how badly you abuse them in forums. As far as your problem, go to google or apple and tell them the situation. They do at least listen and attempt to resolve the situation. And I've seen refund entire acccounts, which I assume they bill back to Evony. Good luck

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    I did not mean I've seen apple refund an entire acct from Evony. That was on a game I played before this. There are other actions to be taken that we used on that game that may be needed here but I won't elaborate because that would alert them.

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