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Thread: Your last chance before mass refund!

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    Exclamation Your last chance before mass refund!

    This was my message to customer support and their response below that:

    "I'm absolutely ducking appalled with y'all again, I thought you said you improved the cost of the source of life system. But once again, it's shit. It when from increase x1 cost every 9 uses, to increase X1 cost every 15 uses. This is pathetic. I have just spent $1000 for this server versus serves on packs, items, resources, heals and at the very end of it, and additional 521k gems on 512 sources of life which I have used this past 48 hours.

    I still am left with 470k T10 troops in my hospital that require to be revived. Doing the math it's currently costing 9 source of life for 5k troops. This will probably be over 1 million gems, this is ridiculous. I am messaging you to do for one and only thing, I want my 470k troops currently in my hospital to be revived free. I will not put over $1000 more again just to revive them troops.

    If you reply to this messages with a negative response such as we, "That's the way the system is", "can't help you" or anything of the such then I promise you I will Immediately call my bank and have them chargeback every payment over the past 6 months, and I will be done with this game. That's over 5000 dollars. After this I will pass on my chargeback advice to my entire server which has a basic gem purchase history of over 15million gems, which is equivalent to over $125k. This is a promise, I will not respond back to you if you give me a negative response, I will simply begin my chargeback.

    If you do not reply within 2 business day then I promise to begin the chargeback, I will wait no longer than 2 business days for my troops to be revived or for the negative response. If you revive my 470k t10 then I will ignore the chargebacks and simply continue playing, otherwise I'm done. Reviving my 470k t10 troops is free for you, so I shall expect you do this. This conversation history will be screenshotted as proof for you lack of support for my chargebacks. Unless you do revive my troops. As you can see from the image I also won the server vs server and am now the champion of both servers, show some respect to your best players. Expect your response within 1 business day, 2 maximum before chargeback madness.

    ID: 14899603
    Username: IsntWorthIt
    Alliance: SYN Synergy
    Server: 46"

    Their response after 1 business day:

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    Their response isn't even relevant, I was not giving you feedback, I was requesting my troops to be revived, your bullshit Svs source of life system is broken and will forever be broken, eventually you'll fix it but until then I want my troops revived.

    Now I am pissed off, I'm giving you one last chance to fully heal my server vs server hospital troops before I fully initiate my $5270 refund. Not only that, relaying my refund advice to all of the coiners in my server. Reviving my troops is completely free for you to do, do you really want to risk over $10k - $100k worth of refund chargebacks over freely reviving my troops. I won the server vs server, I am the champion. I have the most points, I am the bigger spender during Svs, show some respect and appreciation. Revive my troops. I have already revived 120+ times this Svs, that cost me over 520 sources of life, that's 520k gems already. I won't ask for those gems back, I just want the remaining revived.

    THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE! I do not want to be ignored, I know you don't work during the weekend James so if this doesn't get resolved before the weekend then expect mass refunds. Speak to your admins, have them revive my troops in the hospital. My ID, server name and details are above. I've shown you your representatives response.

    In my hospital is 471,320k T10 troops, there is 235,660k T10 Musketeers(Archers) and 235,660k T10 Imperial Helepolis(Siege). You have one business day to restore my troops, I don't want any bullshit response where I am expected to reply, then wait another 24 hours. Fix it tonight, speak to your admins.

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    Hello Kryp. Evony customer service does suck. Same thing happened to me about 1 month ago. I agree with you bro, the Source of Life item does suck. What do you have to tell the bank to get refund? I have also been on this back and forth thing with evony developers and customer service. I have been playing this game for atleast 1 year now and have spents thousands. Look at my attachment, thats how many troops i lost because of the way thisbitemcis setup. It freaking sucks. I will also be contacting my bank since evony refuses to give me a refund. I will also ask fora full refund from the beginning of the game as well.

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    I cant upload pic, hopefully it did.
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    Hopefully you use Apple. Screenshot their lack of customer service and you should get a big refund. Make sure to tell your whole server to do the same.

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    Crap, im on android google is kinda starting to suck too. Ive grown to love this game at the same time i freaking hate it just because of custome service. It sucks that we as players spend so much time and money on this game, yet they show no care in the world to our dedication. I am in s26, and i will let people know to go their banks and ask for refunds because of awful terrible customer service.

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    I'm awaiting the final reply from James, but sadly customer service is non responsive during the weekends.

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    customer service really sucks i cant get the answer for my wc ban. i waited for 2 days and when decided to report abusive language on wc they come with the answer that i should get theirs id. its bullshit with evony i wonder how can you get refund at least some of my money coz im gonna look for better game.

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    It's been over 2 weeks and not only do you continue to not refund me, even thou I have proved via all the information that you have falsively destroyed my gaming experience, that also random members of the community are also voicing their opinion and sharing their sadness with Evony here too. I hope you are happy Evony with how you treat all your big spenders. I wish you farewell. I will now seek my refund elsewhere since you have refused for 2 weeks to repair my lost troops for you poor gaming mechanics.

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