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Thread: Unlinked account during SVS Please help

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    Unlinked account during SVS Please help

    I have somehow unlinked my account please help. It is the Saw2 account on server 57. What info do you need?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sawyerking View Post
    I have somehow unlinked my account please help. It is the Saw2 account on server 57. What info do you need?
    Dear Liege
    Please tell us your user id to check. You can find it in the Monarch Details panel. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    User id for unlinked account

    15874757 is the user ID I also have screen shots or what ever else you need.

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    Dear Liege
    We can see that you could still log in the game. If it's unlinked, you could link the your facebook again. Thank you.

    Best Regards

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    I just started a new account (16663244). Can you please copy my unlinked Saw2 account(15874757) over to the new one that will give me access back to Saw2..... please advise

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    Im not able to log in to game on Saw2 account. It was mistakenly unlinked from Google and Facebook so I'm trying to get it back now.

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    Dear Liege
    Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you PM me a screenshot of one of your most recent order receipts you received from Google or iTunes please? Our admin said that you have to prove the ownership first before we can help. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    How do i pm you? I've added as friend

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    Dear Liege
    You can just post the image here. If you use PC, click my name and you will see a Private Message option in the menu. You can try upload the pictures to or and then paste the link here. If you are using a PC, you can attach the picture by using our reply toolbar to attach the pictures. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    I think this is the last purchase to that account please advise if anymore proof is needed as I have every reciept ever purchased from this game.... which is alot

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    Has my request been overlooked? I know you must be busy but we have dialog already and have sent the proof you required.

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    Dear Liege
    I am so sorry that our admin could not confirm the ownership with the screenshot you provided. Please provide another transaction. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    Can you tell me the date in which the last transaction happened and I'll upload all cooresponding receipts I had 2 accounts and can't tell by the receipts which account it was for

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    Maybe this is one of the last purchases i can't tell without more info from yall.....

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