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    Attack penalty

    Hi there,

    I've been playing for almost 3 weeks now. I really like the game, but there's one thing I'm bothered about:

    There is absoluty no protection for low level players against the maxed big guns on the server. I spent a few bucks on the game, but i can't afford to bubble up 24/7. And I think there are a lot more players like me out there.

    So here's the suggestion:
    Implement an attack penalty when attacking lower level keeps. The bigger the difference in keep level, the bigger the penalty.

    I think the effect of this penalty will be a win-win for both players and Evony.

    It's very likely that fewer players will quit the game out of frustration. After being zeroed for a dozen of times, the fun factor is kinda going away.

    More players on servers is more fun for everybody. Including the top players.

    More players also means more revenues for Evony.

    Those were my two cents.


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    See post on previous thread. Yes that is one of many possible solutions. Or simply put an option for whether your troops fight to defend your resources or not. This way a small player can keep his troops hidden, or he can opt to defend and lose them. You could still bubble to protect your rss if need be. This also allows bigs to farm and get the rss they need so both parties benefit. It is no fun losing rss but at least you don't lose every troop you have. There are other things they could do also but it's all moot because they aren't interested in making the game long term. It's grab all the money they can and release a new game whenever everyone catches on that it isn't going to get better. Piracy at its finest.

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