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Thread: SVS points.

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    SVS points.

    Instead of getting points for kille you do, wouldn't it be more accurate if say I killed/wounded 100k troops of enemy, but I also had 10k killed/wounded of my own, to give me 90k worth of points?

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    I was thinking the same, or at least a +\- stat so we can see who is runining it for all

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    Yes. It would. In other games I've played we measured the success of a fight by the ratios. Not how many troops you killed in raw numbers but the power killed vs power lost. This wasn't an official game sponsored stat, but with easily accessed data, it was there for all to see. Just use simple math. But in order for this to work you have to have variables in power for each troop level. The steps of troop power are directly proportional to level. In other words t10 trumps all. T-9 kills t-8 and below period. And on down the line. But the fact that power increases the same increment with each level elimates a lot of strategic thinking. This ensures everyone will spend to get to t-10 or they will never develop because you have no option on whether your troops fight to defend your rss or not. You would need a bubble to protect rss but troops could be hidden in keep to Protect them. This puts an entirely different facet in the game.

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