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    New market

    I understand we have the black market and thats kool and all but i would like to see a market place for the alliances to where say i have a crap ton of wood and someone wants it and maybe i dont need it but i need gold or gems we can sell it to them this would be a place where we could sell our unused items we dont need like monarch exp instead of it just piling up and never to be used this market we would be able to sell anything and everything we have in our inventory and evony can make a profit off of it as well say i am selling 1mil wood and i set the price at 2m for that 1mil wood in stead of the person only spending 2mil gold for it it would xost them 2.3m like taxes so it would cause them to get more gold which in case would make them buy more packs and gems

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    I see your point of view...but your pricing is way off...should be more like if you want to sell 1m wood...then try more like 200 gems or 200k gold...RSS are real easy to get...don't want to put the price outrageously'll never sell it then

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    I mean yes of course i just did that as an example the developers would dictate the pricing i just think it would make game even better

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    I wish there was a market like on age one and two were you could trade rss for other rss. Like 1 for 1 or 1 for 2 and so forth. Or auction it of to the highest bidder for gold or gems. Or both would be great. Or at least do an alliance market. And maybe an alliance bank were people can donate iteams gold or rss for others with a cap depending on their alliance rank. That would also be nice to have.

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