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Thread: CS non responsive

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    CS non responsive

    During SVS there was some "off" reports. I had sent an attack, another player had sent an attack and they hit in the same second. Main players troop count changed but the reinforcements stayed the same. How is this possible? I have messaged customer support but for to be completely honest your in game support needs a lot of help. Serious help. I have both reports, SS. There have been multiple other issues as well that were never solved. Makes me wonder why I spent so much $$ on here for you all to just take and not ever reimburse for game glitches like this one. It's bad business. Hopefully I will get something better here

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    I had the same issue someone hit my reinforcements 3 people at the exact same time. It killed my troops instead of them going to the hospital. Customer service is not helping me. James has responded to many other people after my post.

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