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Thread: Need help bad

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    Need help bad

    Been waiting on support on the game for 2 days with 0 responses, i reset my phone and reinstalled the game, and its telling me my account isnt linked to anything when i know it is i have been on server 37 everyday since it opened and now ive lost 2 days and my citys has been hit and burnt serveral times now bcuz of svs and i cant defend it please i can prove whatever that it is mine transactions whatever ive spent a good bit of money and i want my account back and i need a reply from yall

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    Yall have officially lost a good spending and loyal customer, have a nice fucking day.

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    Dear Liege
    Please tell us both your old account's in-game name and the new user id you have on your device now. And then we can help retrieve your account. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    Its nit postying my replys...

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    ❓RIDDLER❓.... wouldnt let me edit the msg, i dint understsnd what u mean by new user id

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    Server 37, replying to me on the game would be faster..

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    omg 1 reply a day helps nothing my city has been hit 10 times i have lost everything!

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    My main account THAT I WANT BACK!
    Server 37
    Current id
    Server 64
    Ip address

    Last payment order number

    Order number: GPA.3397-0946-2471-83496
    Order date: Jul 31, 2017 1:18:39 AM CDT

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    Yall are a fucking joke seriously, do ur one job and give support

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    So paying customers just dont matter to yall at all?

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Do yall know the meaning of a business day, jesus how is this legal to do do ur customers this way. Maybe i should report this shit, bunch of thevies csnt even give 5 mons of help

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    Legal actions arw being taken.
    I will be reporting your company to the proper authorites, i have been constantly lied to and ignored, i have spent good money on this game, because i enjoyed it, but now its over, i have been waiting for 3 days for some sort of help and have recieved none. I will be demanding a full refund for every item bought on my account, 2 of my tickets have been removed and ignored after ive waited 3 3 days and my last one has been over 24 hrs with no reply when i was told 1 business day. This is ridiculous and illegal

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    Omg why will no1 help me!!!!

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