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Thread: Maintenance

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    We officially reached 6 hours and they just added another half hour (after a 15 minute extension twice and the half hour before that, the hour before that and don't forget another half hour somewhere).

    Wtf is going on?!

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    They better give us the Arabic historical general for free now, along with a ton of gems, speedups and rss. 😡

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    Actually if this timer runs the full 30 min, it'll be 7 hours... This is some seriously f'd up bs...

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    I am on my 9th reset. It reaches 00:00:00 then goes to 30 minutes??? This is more than 2 hours. When will we get on. I do hope there is some massive compensation due to this. 2000 gems and 1 mil each RSS not enough.

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    Oh. Then I must've fallen asleep for an hour somewhere. But this is totally bullshit. No communication or whatsoever at all. They better extend everyone's shield for a couple of hours.

    The most frustrating is the constant extension. Just put 3 bloody hours on the times and stop extending it with 15-30 minutes. 🙃

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    2k gems, 1 mil rss and the speedups will be there cause of updates but there better be a big ass load of gems, truces, speeds, ports and rss when i get on ( if i ever do)

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    I think it's time they stop using our money for vacation and start hiring some real developers.

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    Its over, its finally over i think i might cry in joy lol

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    I can get on its just taking ages to open anything and got basically nothing as comp

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    All they did was give us double update rewards.... lame

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    I get the feeling its gonna come down again... LAG IS AWFUL

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    I can't look for any new subs with this lag. 😭

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