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Thread: Please assist James. No support since Svs troops lost.

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    Exclamation Please assist James. No support since Svs troops lost.

    I've been asking customer support for a week now for reimbursements for my lost troops in Svs. I lost 600k troops to the bullshit that was the way Evony set up for server wars. I've asked for my reimbursements but they refuse to help me. I've lost the screenshot of the defences but can show my lost troops that I could not heal. I've bought over 900 packs on my account so you know I'm a loyal customer. All I expect is loyal treatment in return. I need resources to rebuild my troops, that's all I bloody ask for.
    I want my reimbursements, my alliance member who suffered the same problem was one hour away from initiating a full refund from Google play and legal services, he's advised me to do the same. Which I am very close to doing. I want my resources given to me or my missing 250k T10 Cavalry and 200k missing 200k Archers to be put back on my account.
    Here is pictures of my ID, here is pictures of my lost troops, here is pictures of my friends reimbursement which I expect the same for or more as I suffered more losses. If you reply back and say the developers cannot help me then I will immediately get in contact with Google play and get a full refund, I've spent almost $25000 on all my accounts combined.
    This can be prevented if you just reimburse my account my damn troops or resources.
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    Dear Liege
    Sorry for the inconvenience. You didn't say why you lost your troops. Could you give more details or information on why you lost your lost and thus we should reimburse the troops to you please? And as you said above, our representative refused to do it for you. So if we don't have more details, we could not over ride our representative's decision either. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    During the server vs server beta I was ported over to the other server but the game was super screwed, the lag spikes were insane and bubbles were broken. The game was pretty much inaccessible with the lag and I was stuck over there with no way of protecting myself. Evony said they were sorry fir the lag and all players would be reimbursed for their losses. All I want us my bloody troops back on my account.
    200k T10 Cav 200k T10 Arch
    Or I want 500m each resource so I can rebuild my troops myself.

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    Dear Liege
    You weren't not attacked once for the past 10 days. So I am afraid that I could not help on your case. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    This was during the damn Svs! We haven't had Svs in over 30 days! What are you going on about.

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