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Thread: Back up system for unlinking accounts

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    Back up system for unlinking accounts

    I myself have had this problem twice now and the lack of customer support makes it very frustrating when they take 3 or 4 days to even reply to your ticket cause they suck but, why can't you guys implement a user ID and password login as a backup for when accounts become unlinked? It would be so much simpler to type in a user name and password and relink your account on your own than waiting days upon days just to log on to a zeroed account and have to fight with the horrible excuse they call customer service to try to get your stuff back!

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    Agreed... still havnt got mine back or even any help at all in 3 days so far, done lost everything and i havnt been off a whole day since i started 4 months ago.

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    I agree too, it's really frustrating that issue, that happened to me too time ago...

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    This is absolutely the worst administered game I've seen. If you get a reply it's like a form letter. And if whoever these customer service agents are (I think they are robots actually because no human could be so obtuse) doesn't get a good translation (they obviously speak no English) you may get a reply that makes your head spin because it doesn't even fit with your request. If you continue to send responses to their poor effort to pacify you they simply delete the thread. Poof! Problem solved .

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