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Thread: Account Help Needed Urgent!!!need sorting asap

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    Account Help Needed Urgent!!!need sorting asap

    i left evony a while back due to my phone being broken and not having it fixed i lost the account and the id i starter to play evony again and needed help recovering my account the id is 16448843 the new account made& my old is is 15040288 iv spent load on the game and wanted to come back would really appriciate it if you relink it kind regards on server 47 thank you also can you sort it soon

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    i stopped playing a month ago just got a smartphone so can you please sort my account out or i shall be contacting apple to get a refund for all the stuff iv brought because iv paid for it didnt get it i really dont want it to result to that you last commented oveer 1 hour sgo and my case didn get sorted!!

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