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Thread: Questions about Monarch Talent Points

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    Questions about Monarch Talent Points

    Okay, you get one point at a time, begin research on one thing. You have to use 4 points and fully learn that talent before moving to another one. When you get to the bottom of the choices, there's a button to 'Reset Monarch Talent'. Does this button, which costs 2000 gems to push, just allow you to go back to the top and choose ones you missed the first time through? Or does it wipe out everything you learned, so that you have to start with nothing? I guess I want to know if eventually I will be able to learn every talent on the board.
    Thank you for any enlightenment.

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    You can only choose one talent per row. If you chose the far left, you're only permitted to research on the next tier the far left or the middle; never the far right as you needed to be in the center row to be able to choose any in the following tier.

    When you choose to reset your monarch talent points, they all start over do that you may choose an alternate path.

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    So you lose the talent if you start over. I understand wanting to take a different path, but I'm wondering if you can eventually have all of the talents.
    If you learn it, is it yours forever? Or do you 'forget' that talent when you refresh?

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    It wipes out all of your talents. You still keep all of your talent points and you still must follow the same rules when redistributing them. You can't get all of the talents.

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