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Thread: Account being dismantled!

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    Account being dismantled!

    There is currently someone logging in to my account kicking me out and dismissing my generals , dropping my subs and killing my troops. Help!

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    i have gone from 38 million to 6.4 in last 6 hours !

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    Great response time!!! This is just like I'm game you wait 28 hours them the Y ask my puma question you already answered and va ish for another 28 hours

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    Dear Liege
    I am sorry. Please contact in-game support where our representatives could give more proper service on this problem. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    Oh I have contacted them, they unlinked the theifs Facebook, but not before he deleted all my maxed out generals 26 gold 5star generals.. 7 subs , about a million t10 troops and took me from almost 60 mill to 6mill power in the month he had control of the account. Now I have my empty account for 4 days and have sent multiple requests to simply have my account set back to when it was stolen. It takes 24 hours for a response , usually more ... they ask for the I'd # or some other thing I have told them before then vanish ... I never get a conversation going .. I have spent the equivalent of a 2015 Honda Civic on this game and have gotten the worst service I have ever even heard of.. it's on the line of criminal.. my VIP is higher than 14... by a lot and I don't feel VIP .. can you help me ???

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    A friend just got all his purchases refunded for the last 30 days from poor customer service .. maybe a 5000 hit would make them more responsive. .. should I just quit and ask google about a full refund?

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    Builder I would. My VIP is almost 12 on a new server and my account came unbound from switching between accounts and if I am hit and my troops and rss are wiped while waiting to have my account returned I'll be reversing all my charges with discover card and Google if it's not returned to me. I posted my issue here and to cs in game almost 12 hours ago, which an 8 hör shield is well done and over with, and still have received 0 replies.

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    12 days later.... they restored my troops, and at the same time unlinked all my accounts.. then ignored my msgs for 5 days so far ..then left he account unbubbled and it got wiped again ... then they didn't transfer the account to a new account that they told me to make and wait patiently on.. so now the account thief took it back again... 5 days later not a single response ! This games customer server e is on existent I'm going to explain how you all can get a full refund on your game from google play and apple.!! ... or you guys could respond to ID # 16426765 and actually READ what I have written and LOOK at the screenshots .. I'm VIP 15 and I'm treated like this .. you new people don't spend a cent!! Watch how long it takes the, to respond

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