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Thread: Unable to build Alliance City,. Requirements met

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    (Solved) Unable to build Alliance City,. Requirements met

    Although we meet the requirements, we are unable to build an alliance city.

    What I think happened: We had a level 2 city that was attacked. We defended with honor! We lost the fight though. So we demolished the city until the fight was over. Now that we're ready to build, we try and get an error saying "Building Alliance City Failed"

    We have fifty members, we tried 60 members. We have 650 million power.

    I don't know how to attach photos of the issue on here. I've contacted customer support with no reply yet.
    Anyone have any ideas?
    My ID is 15597319
    My alliance is THG The Guardians in server 54


    Problem solved, since our city was level 2 we needed 60 members instead of fifty.
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    You need minimum of 5m power

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    Yes I meant to write 650 million power. But we solved the problem and the OP was updated

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    Ahh good to know of we move hive it will rebuild at lvl2

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