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I am opening this thread due to a recent attack me and my alliance member have made during the SvS. We have both rallied an attack against the enemy, but there are a few issues. 1. The research boosts are way of I can provide screenshots of him making attacks minutes before with stats far superior so I donít know whats going on there. 2. The send reinforcement part is not on the attack report like a normal rally below I will attach an attack report from the previous SvS with the Send reinforcement attached to the report. In the last hour there had been an increased amount of lag which may have come into play as it looks like both attacks have been done separately with lower research boosts despite having the new 20% increase boosts on for Attack, Defence & HP when it was meant to be done in a rally. If you take a look at the report the opponent also did not have a wall general & me and my ally had generals both with over 1.7m power. This will need to be looked at. What Iíll need in reimbursement is all my troops back, the 485k that died due to this glitch. My senior march increase that I activated for this attack & the stat boosts. You will also have to remove the loss from my account & general or provide further compensation for the mess up. Below I have attached all relevant screenshots. Evony will also have to take accountability for potentially making the whole server 37 loose the SvS due to this glitch and giving away millionas of free points to the enemy server.

Now I've sent this exact message to customer support & have received absolutely no service other then being told "evony doesn't make mistakes".

Attached you will find the details from the battle report & the person I rallied with regular stats used to attack right before we rallied the guy. Before you ask everything was exactly the same with there Monarch gear, General used & Boosts applied. The opponent doesn't even have a general on his wall so the attack should have gone through smoothly. But it looks like due to technical errors we were screwed around.

Also I will attach a report from a previous SvS where me and my alliance members have rallied an opponent. Take note how it has the send reinforcements slot to confirm the attack was done as a rally.

Hopefully I will be able to receive further assistance here as the customer service representatives hired to respond to support tickets have never provided any kind of assistance ever. My in game name is Famigerato & the rally leaders name is BushWookie if you need this information to investigate further