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    I have level 10 city and level 9 rally spot with 80,000 troops but i cant attack more than two at a time, what i'm doing i will wait my other troops to return to send another attack is there any building to up grade or make more troops, to solve my problem.

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    Do you mean that you can't send more than two marches in the same moment? It is because your marching queue is limited to send two marches at one time.
    If you want to send more, you can get more marching slots in a few ways.
    First way is reaching VIP level 5 which grants you one additional marching slot. But you need to have active VIP status to use it.
    You can reach two more marching slots by researching Adv Dispatch and Super Adv Dispatch in military research tree.
    You will reach it for sure later in game.

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    Hi, I can only send 1 troop out at a time. Iím level 12 and previously could send 2. Any idea as to why Iím limited to just 1 now?

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