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Thread: Account disapeared

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    Account disapeared

    Hi! While i was waiting for reset i created new character on server 61. When i Tried to log in Back to 60 my character Kolman disapeared. I linked him to FB but i linked as well on 61. You can delete character on 61 And please restore Kolman on 60. I dont know where to get those account numbers because i was always playing in phone And all i did to get ingame was pressing icon on phone. Best regards

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    I made 2 purchases ingame. Order numbers are:
    Gpa.3373 0993 5550 05397
    Gpa.3378 9679 6335 78093
    Using Google Play.

    I didnt delete character it is Just disapeared. Hope it gets resolved fast

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    I created new account on 60. Name is:

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    Quote Originally Posted by kolmanales View Post
    I created new account on 60. Name is:
    Dear Liege
    We've retrieved your account now. You should be able to play your main account again. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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