I did not receive the pack I bought. I lost out on the weekend purchase event. Levying my keep for gold and haven't been about stamina. Lost out on the troop building event. Monarch power event and so on. please not we are on different time zones this purchase you said I have gotten is correct but that is the one that was bought on June 23 it would show up because of the time zone difference as the next day as June 24. I did did not receive the pack bought my date and time of June 24. I lost out on buying stamina at the reduction of 200. I didn't get to levy my keep for gold with gem. and I did not receive my weekend purchase prices for my date of June 24. again please remember I'm in a different time zone your guys are at lest 9 hours ahead of me from what amazon the company has said. I have sent this information you need and have been ignored. It's been 3 days now.