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Thread: SvS beta reimbursement

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    SvS beta reimbursement

    I have been waiting, apparently in vain, for evony to reimburse me for the debacle that was the server wars beta test, for months now.

    In the beginning, I provided screenshots as documentation of my losses that occurred due to evony putting out a faulty product. As time went on, I was asked for "more information". I'm not sure what else I can provide. Unfortunately, the battle reports from those losses have mysteriously disappeared (not my doing), even though they were saved/starred. This is not the first time reports have been deleted, without any actions of my own doing. More unfortunate, is that I have long since deleted the screenshots, as I assumed they would be no longer needed (my own doing).

    During the past few months of waiting, I have emailed both Top Games and Ucool. My only response was from Ucool, and referred to an issue that was from this past November... on a different server. When I replied, stating that they weren't even talking about the right issue, I never heard from them again.

    Now, it seems that customer support is merely deleting the support conversation every single day. Each day I initiate a new one, only to see it gone by the next day.

    I see that the common response on here is, "The game log shows
    ...". Numerous times, I have asked support to look at the game log in question (during the SvS beta), and this had also fallen in deaf ears.

    The last response I ever received from customer support, asked me to "be patient". I have. I have waited three months for this reimbursement. I have received absolutely zero help from anyone from evony, or their associated parent companies.

    Why is evony so stuck on not helping its players??
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    Bump, so I can hopefully get a response.

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    Funny how THIS thread isn't getting a response.

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