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Thread: Battle mechanics need revamp

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    Battle mechanics need revamp

    I sent t10 mounted troops (no other troops or sub cities sent with it) with a mounted speed boost skill on my general and didn't scratch a single enemy troop. Instead, the enemy's siege units attacked first, the SLOWEST troop in the game strikes first??

    That is counterintuitive and generally a bad game mechanic, because it ultimately means that the longest ranged troop with high damage also strikes first. So bigs can just reinforce with tons of siege and ground troops for defense and demolish an enemys attacking troops. It's bad enough the attacker suffers mostly killed troops and has the number disadvantage, but now it has the attack disadvantage with the defender striking first if they're smart or if they read this post.

    Not to mention you guys don't even offer guides, or at the very least, clues to how mechanics really work and leave us to figure out ourselves the hard way. Testing isn't useful without making yourself vulnerable to attack and wasting bubbles.

    Fix the game mechanics or explain them, or players will see through your sham and your game will not survive long-term against other games where players have the ability to use strategy to overcome brute force. In the games current state, this is not an ideal end-game scenario and I'm done spending big money until something changes.

    P.s. I'm spreading the word

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    I totally agree. In addition you offer little incentive to be in SVS as far as losses are concerned. Your killed and wounded are too high, and ridiculous for the well defended Keep. The penalty of losses is unacceptable because it is too costly,and the rewards given for winning not worth it and quite frankly

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    The battle mechanics don't make sense to me either. Something is wrong with the algorithm I'm sure. I'll give you an example:

    Scenario 1 - 40,000 T6 Archers, 30,000 T5 Archers & 7,000 T4 Archers against a level 17 Monster with my best General always returns no wounded.

    Scenario 2 - Same as above but also add 10,000 T7 Archers. Suddenly I'm getting wounded.

    How does that make sense?

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    Bosses and PvP are different mechanics. As far as your cavs getting hit by siege is understandable. Its defending so the formation is already set. Im sure they were hit by another troop like mount or ground aswell. would be good to see the report so we can explain the report.

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