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Thread: overwrite FB with new game, delete old game

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    overwrite FB with new game, delete old game

    when wanna move to new server, new game
    1. old game - Evony browser - settings - account - unlink both FB and google play

    2. old game - Evony browser - settings - account - start new game - DELETE - confirm -
    new game - choose server - culture - confirm - play the quest for a while to tap settings
    3. new game - Evony browser - note yr new monarch name - settings - account - link account -
    * link google play - check yr new monarch name - close evony browser
    4. FB browser - Account settings - Apps - Logged in with FB - all Evony apps - *Remove app - Remove - log out.
    5. new game - Evony browser - settings - account - *Switch account - link with FB which account wanna link to - log in - continue - 'confirm' (evony smaller question browser must appear)
    6. pls check yr monarch name was as noted

    P.S worked in Samsung Tab A
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    How can I start a new game in my FB account? I tried to log out, cleared cache and then logged in and I still login into the Evony - The King's Return under my old name. How do I switch between accounts?

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