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Thread: Server lag cause troop loss

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    Server lag cause troop loss

    I tried to post this yesterday James but it wasn't allowing me to post anything at all.

    Two nights ago I was out for killing event and the game began to lag out bad (this is a huge common problem on server 45) I noticed lag and could tell it was about to kick me off the game. (Because this happends at least 20 times a day to a lot of people on my server) so I went to items to use a truce and my game froze. Then it kicked me off the game and I had tp restart. Got back on and tried to use a truce AGAIN and AGAIN game froze and kicked me off. By the time server would 'connect' and I came back on I was zeroed.

    Now actual killed troops was only in the 30k t8 cavs. But I had to use about 8 or 9 days worth of speed ups. 3 or 4k gems in black market. And about 20 or more million iron and other resources.

    I'm coming here because you get stuff done from what it seems. And when I email in game customer support nothing ever gets done.

    Server 45
    ID 14757675

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    This is not during svs. And I have pics but no clue how to post. However even not being during svs our server has had major lag issues for a while now and we have been reporting it. I get kicked off the game at least 20 times a day. Often can't even gather because searching the map it lags out to the point where the map is blank. And will stay like that for several minuets. Not sure if we are the only server experiencing this. But I do know I'm not the only player from 45 with this problem

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    Dear Liege
    Our admin sent you some resources as compensation. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    I don't believe I received them?

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    Never mind. I got it. Thanks James. This is why I come to you. I wish I could share screenshots of in game customer service..... They said sorry and wished me best of luck. Oh and told me I was attacked before I truced......if I was truced I wouldn't have been attacked lmfao

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