I tried to post this yesterday James but it wasn't allowing me to post anything at all.

Two nights ago I was out for killing event and the game began to lag out bad (this is a huge common problem on server 45) I noticed lag and could tell it was about to kick me off the game. (Because this happends at least 20 times a day to a lot of people on my server) so I went to items to use a truce and my game froze. Then it kicked me off the game and I had tp restart. Got back on and tried to use a truce AGAIN and AGAIN game froze and kicked me off. By the time server would 'connect' and I came back on I was zeroed.

Now actual killed troops was only in the 30k t8 cavs. But I had to use about 8 or 9 days worth of speed ups. 3 or 4k gems in black market. And about 20 or more million iron and other resources.

I'm coming here because you get stuff done from what it seems. And when I email in game customer support nothing ever gets done.

Server 45
ID 14757675