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Thread: Captured a general was ransomed out for gold

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gywnedd View Post
    I have no received any gold yet where would I find it? Because i still have the same amount. Why can't I get what is supposed to be getting what is the problem with this games administration.
    Dear Liege
    Sorry for the inconvenience. We will let our admin check one more time. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    Dear Liege
    Our admin sent me a line of record which shows that you opened the mail which included the gold. Thanks.
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    Best Regards

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    James I am still waiting for your administrator or who ever to send me that gold omg this is really sad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gywnedd View Post
    James I am still waiting for your administrator or who ever to send me that gold omg this is really sad
    Dear Liege
    Please check your mailbox and see if you see it in your mailbox. I guess it was sent to your mailbox. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    James I keep hearing that admin should have resent the gold but I am telling you that I most definitely have not received any gold or anything else from admin but a bunch of BS. I am really getting upset James I pretty sure you can see how much money I have spent playing this game. I am getting to the point now of just deleting the game app from my phone and never having to deal with all this unnecessary frustration. I get a message from Evony support today for a separate issue ,saying that they have sent my account the proper compensation for all my troubles. I just want to know to what account are they referring to. To my account I have no idea to what account they are talking about. Where can I find this compensation. That they supposedly sent to my account, I surely haven't seen it. Please can you tell me are they referring to the game as my account or are they referring tobmy bank credit card account. Can anyone please tell me how and where to get my dam compensation.
    Frustrated, upset and confused
    Marisela Siordia
    Queen Himiko formally Queen Gywnedd

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    James I don't give a dam what they said that I opened I am telling you I never received the amount stated in the screen shot I sent you regarding the ransomed General. I have opened a lot of mail on Evony. Was it sent to announcements, Reports, Events, systems or just email message box if they sent it they should know. James I know dam well that I have never opened any mail from Evony support with that amount of gold that was promised for the general I captured. Any mail saying anything about the ransomed general containing any link to that gold. I check my mail and messages constantly I have nothing I'm getting very upset. I want to see proof of the email they sent what box they sent it too and the amount that I received. I am not some child I am a very responsible business women. I really feel like I'm being treated like someone you people think is a idiot. Give me the dam gold for gods sake and tell me exactly where I'm supposed to receive it!!!

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	481James i have every mail I have not thrown s single one away I went through them all the only two pieces of mail are the two I sent you the snap shots of. Yes I opened them both I did infact read them but there was no freaking hold in ether one of them. Now I'm am really getting beyond mad and upset at this total bull. You people are feeding me. I told you over and over I have not gotten received or been sent the freaking gold! So freaking send me the dam gold. That is due me.
    I want someone to show me any thing yo show proof that I ever opened any mail containing that amount of gold in it. I will apologize. I want a apologies from Evony admin for lying I never received a dam thing from them except for the 2 emails I attached stating the amount of gold that I supposedly was sent. I want to see that mail that I supposedly opened with the gold. The mail I received didn't have any option or way of claiming the gold.
    I am really fed up yo the point of exasperation. For gods sake give me what I am due. Do you think I get enjoyment from this bull shit
    Just give me my gold shit I spent more freaking money on this freaking game I don't f-ing need this!!!

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    James that is a total lie look at the date of the two snap shots 6/6/17 the date your admin says I opened gold was on 6/12/17 I will send you snap shot of that mail all the mails I received. It's about and out lie. I want a copy of that mail showing the exact amount of the gold they supposedly sent me that I opened it should be the exact amount stated in the email I received that you gave snap shot of. I want this matter to be resolved immediately or I am about ready to get a
    Attorney go to my bank and and sue for being defrauded. I should not be put through all this frustration and anger. I want a apology and the gold that your game said I was entitled to.
    I'm fed up truly this is a shame

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    Dear Liege
    Sorry for the inconvenience. We have just sent it again. Thank you.

    Best Regards

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    James to where are you sending it and what does it say as to how it's from or who is sending it I get a lot of rewards and and gifts for winning events I want to know if I am getting the gold for ransomed general so I know I am getting the gold for that purpose please help me James I am so tired of this

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    Hi For those of you who have had a general captured and you need to revive him GO TO SHRINE into revival your general just might be there at leastvthats where mine was .. got him back now Just thought I would post this to help thanx

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