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Thread: Captured a general was ransomed out for gold

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    Captured a general was ransomed out for gold

    I won a battle captured a general held in my prison. I didn't even decide what i wanted to when i received a mail stating the general had been ransomed for X amount of gold. Problem is where to find it. I have not received anything for the captured general. Please help it's getting ridicules how this game is always the one making out.
    Please give me my gold

    Queen Gwynedd
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    Dont listen to the idiot above here he dont know what he talking about just bare with james he tried his best to answer and resolve all issues

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    Lol thanks im just tired of that idiot and his bs posts and then tries to discourage other about james and the others here they try there best in order to accommodate all but just takes time

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    Dear Liege
    Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you tell us your User id to check please? You can find it in the Monarch details. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    Hi James by user name do you want my Monarch snake its Queen Gwynedd
    Or do you mean my Facebook and Game Center user name? Maricarms

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    He means if you go to details from your monar h it will jave numbers there he wants the numbers that way he can make sure it u

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    Okay thank you for the info

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    Well thank you for that,it's very kind of you

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    Captured king gold ransom not received

    Okay I have taken a snap shot of the info you requested
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    How did u attached a attachment i cant figure it out on my phone how

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    I just took picture of my screen then went to go advanced instead of post quickly. Then when that opens
    Scroll down to manage attachments then you can choose from pictures upload and attach

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    Dear Liege
    Our admin should have re-sent the gold to you now. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    I have no received any gold yet where would I find it? Because i still have the same amount. Why can't I get what is supposed to be getting what is the problem with this games administration.

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