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Thread: better supports team

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    better supports team

    90 % time if your proble a real proble they wont fixs it they just force close your ticket and make you write new one

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    This is true, ever since Server VS Server, a lot of people have been encouraged to call google and iTunes to get reimbursed due to the event failing us and support unwilling to compensate us. In my alliance alone, over $3,000 dlls have been reimbursed this week only because Evony failed to compensate these players.

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    I reported an issue about being locked out of my account. They just seemed to have an automated response where they said they were compensating for server wars with packages in game. Completely unrelated to my question. The language barrier can get in the way with a game like this, but they need to pay more attention. They seem to need more staff members. How does one join the support team, forum team, or anywhere else for that matter?-

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