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Thread: Server Wars compensation

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    Server Wars compensation

    So, due another faulty feature rollout, evony screwed up again. THIS time, they offered (very) meager compensation fur everyone's troubles. (I think I got 6k gems, plus a few other things).

    I have several issues:

    1) Due to the terrible lag, I was unable to accurately read the power level of the city I was going to attack. Unfortunately, I got my rear handed to me. Normally, that, in and of itself, wouldn't be so much of an issue. However, after further inspection of the war report, I noticed that the declared ending of the Server Wars was time stamped almost a full four minutes prior to me launching my attack. The notification wasn't even actually received until another five +/- minutes after that.

    Had I received the notification in adequate time, it's highly likely I would have ceased all further attacks.

    The six thousand gems, provided as "compensation", is inadequate, for myself and others, to replace what was lost.

    2) More importantly, I am STILL waiting on my "reimbursement" (that was the word that YOU used on a previous thread about this matter) for evony's screw up during the SvS beta, a few months ago. I was promised reimbursement and evony has failed to deliver.

    In response to my help ticket opened up after your latest screw up, I was informed that all players affected by the lag issues, including past problems, have now been adequately compensated.

    This is a lie! We were told we would receive reimbursement for the money we wanted. James, YOU lied, when you told us this.

    Fix this!

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    Dear Liege
    Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you tell us your user id to check please? And please also attach the screenshots of the battles which it did not mean to happen. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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