So, due another faulty feature rollout, evony screwed up again. THIS time, they offered (very) meager compensation fur everyone's troubles. (I think I got 6k gems, plus a few other things).

I have several issues:

1) Due to the terrible lag, I was unable to accurately read the power level of the city I was going to attack. Unfortunately, I got my rear handed to me. Normally, that, in and of itself, wouldn't be so much of an issue. However, after further inspection of the war report, I noticed that the declared ending of the Server Wars was time stamped almost a full four minutes prior to me launching my attack. The notification wasn't even actually received until another five +/- minutes after that.

Had I received the notification in adequate time, it's highly likely I would have ceased all further attacks.

The six thousand gems, provided as "compensation", is inadequate, for myself and others, to replace what was lost.

2) More importantly, I am STILL waiting on my "reimbursement" (that was the word that YOU used on a previous thread about this matter) for evony's screw up during the SvS beta, a few months ago. I was promised reimbursement and evony has failed to deliver.

In response to my help ticket opened up after your latest screw up, I was informed that all players affected by the lag issues, including past problems, have now been adequately compensated.

This is a lie! We were told we would receive reimbursement for the money we wanted. James, YOU lied, when you told us this.

Fix this!