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Thread: Alliance City v2

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    Alliance City v2

    I have thought of an interesting concept that is balanced as a defender and an attacker. Currently the alliance city only adds a small resource production and gathering boost to those within its range. I think the alliance city has some high potential that isn't being looked into.

    The concept I have would be to allow members to send resources to the alliance city as storage. This would include gold! Currently you can only trade resources to others and there is no way to send gold. R4/5 would have the ability to send these alliance donated resources to other members in the alliance. It would be taxed twice. Once when sending to the city and once when distributing it.

    Why would this be a good idea? Well, you are in an alliance and it should be based on teamwork. By donating to the city, it would hold resources for the future and can be distributed to those who may have been attacked during kill events. It provides a feature that encourages a higher level of teamwork.

    How does this relate to attackers? Well, I believe that the alliance cities resources should be protected from all attacks with the exception of it being completely destroyed. Once destroyed the resources would be awarded to the alliance city of the attackers. Currently there is no rewards for destroying someone's alliance city. There is not a large incentive for that type of fighting other than adding insult to injury. By having this, it benefits both sides because an alliance can stock up on resources and it be protected without bubbles while attackers might take that risk for a large reward.

    How would this work? The alliance city is stored with resources. As long as the alliance owns the city, their r4/5 can access their vault of resources. If an enemy occupies the alliance city, this vault is then closed and these resources can not be accessed. This prevents an alliance from dumping the resources and adds incentive to hold control over the city.

    The whole idea is risk vs reward and provides more dynamics to strategy within the game. It is not an easy feat to destroy an alliance city because it can be reinforced with large troop numbers and the attackers have to hold the city for a long period of time for it to be destroyed anyway.

    Negatives would be the r4/5 abusing the alliance resources to their personal gain, but that's between the members and them anyway in how it is used.
    Reinforcing an alliance city as an attacker should be made where you can't bubble. This makes it risky for even large players to attack small alliances.

    Feedback would be great! I love this concept and would like to see it taken into serious consideration.

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    Additionally, this would be an interesting feature for server versus server where players are already encouraged to attack and destroy things. The risk would be well worth the rewards

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    This is a great idea have they ever responded?

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    As of yet there has been no response

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    Bump so that this doesn't get buried.

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    Can I get a forum mod to comment on this please? Feedback would be great

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