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Thread: Warrants for players using another language/symbols in their name

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    Warrants for players using another language/symbols in their name

    There needs to be a way to use a warrant to find someone who, lets say, is using Japanese/Chinese language in their name. several alliances are now using those characters in their name and those players are impossible to find using warrants.

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    They could just set it up so that the warrant works on the player id and not the name itself.

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    If you go to the persons monarch and click the i it will show u their name with a paper and pencil. If you click that it will copy their name so you can paste

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    Does the copy paste trick work for emoticon? Finding heart kiss luv69 flower gun kiss is tricky.

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    If they are in an alliance it's easy... Search the alliance, view members, go to the player you want to track, click on them, view info, click locate coords....

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    Or add that player to your block list, easy to go to block list and locate the coordinates by using a arrest warrant

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