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Thread: Attack/Bubble Cool down.

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    Attack/Bubble Cool down.

    There should be a cool down period after a PvP attack, say 30 min, before a player can Bubble up or Teleport; to keep cowards from Hitting someone smaller and Bubbling up or running away, before the 2nd Players Alliance can Retaliate. You make you bed, you should have to Lie in it.

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    I agree...only I would say more than 30 mins and make it more extensive. I would say 24 hours before the player can attack after a teleport. Then, 24 hours before they can teleport out after they initiate an attack to stop the "hit and runs". Also, 12 hours before they are allowed to bubble after initiating an attack to give the defender a chance to respond since they may not be online (work, sleeping, etc).

    It's just ridiculous, that a city can port in and out like they do just to attack. Sure this is not reality, but real wars of these eras had TROOPS travel days, weeks, months to do battle.

    Getting tired of spending time and resources on tp-er bandits.

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    I disagree. They should be able to hit and run. It is a solid battle strategy. I agree that it is a pain but that's what bubbles are for. It's a war game. Gotta bubble until you are big enough to fight.

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