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Thread: New Jester Bosses

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    New Jester Bosses

    Alright so the Jester bosses are said to be achievable through the jester crates, yet I've opened over 200 myself and I know two others who one has opened about 750 and another who is well over 1000... I am just curious... Is this apart of the April Fools joke or is it actually achievable because yes the rewards are great either way but it would be nice for all of the hard work we spent getting them to be rewarded with a Jester...

    Server 32

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    CAN SOMEBODY REPLY TO THIS! It's been a few days and the forum has not been answered! If you need, our alliance member who opened over 1000 (MamaMickie, Server 32) has screen shots of the last 2 days of the event showing how much she got just the last 2 days... Please read this!

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    Yes the general is real, yes is it is extremely rare, out of a like 2000 or so players on my server only a handfull obtained it.

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    Screenshot with proof

    Here is a link showing a jester general.

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