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    How do I get gears? And is there a specific level that I can start getting them?

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    Monarch gear largly comes comes from item drops, or tier 1 from gemstore. General gear is crafted in the workshop.3 of either can be merged, "Composed" into the next tier item.So 3 wind stafffs can be composed into tier 2 wind staff. 3tier 2s into a tier 3. So this gets very expensive very fast.

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    You can get free lvl 1-3 monarch gear from patrols. And after 3 tries it becomes 30 gems. So still cheaper than buying from store.

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    True, but its still a pretty rare roll for all the spam drops. Not at all sure its cheaper. Still K. is right that i did forget you 3 free patrols a day, and you should get those each day you log on.

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