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Thread: Alliance Honor for help

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    Alliance Honor for help

    I think that every time you press help we should be granted 5 honor points to a maximum of 1000 points per day (200) helps and also earn honor for transporting resources to members

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    Dear Liege
    Thank you for your suggestion. We will let our developer know.

    Best Regards

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    If nothing else I think we should be able to help more times before the 4he cool down.... Instead of each help bumping the cool down timer 20 minutes maybe even 10 minutes would be better. Either that or the goal requirments should be halfed as it's really ineffective and time consuming when in comparison to other games this would speed up the time it takes to level up alliance research. But by setting the cool down timers cost down to 10 minutes. We the players still have to pay the resources, but are just able to more often. This allows us to earn more honor. Either way I think we should be able to get more from this feature.

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