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    When I click on the market and then I click on tax, can I tax all the resources at the same time and also do I want to multiply them by 10 or is it better to multiply them by one. Because I'm not sure if the taxes go against my resources or am I getting more resources when I get a better tax rate. I'm not too sure how that works but so far I've been clicking on them till I get a multiply 10 and I allowed to text more than one resource at the same time .can someone please explain thank you .... I know this is a lot but I want to add a question what does Leavy have to do with this
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    Okay buddy. Here's how the taxing system works. You get a certain number of free taxes a day. The amount depends on the level of your market. When you tax a resource you will get in return a random amount of rss. For example let's say you decide to tax food. Let's say that starting food amount is 14,500. As soon as you tap tax you either get 14,500 x1 or 14,500 x5 or 14,500 x10. It depends on what the game feels like giving you. After you tax the Base amount will go up for the particular resource. Once you run out of free taxes it will require gems to tax resources from the market. I suggest you play around with your market by using your free tax token. If you need anymore help reply to this thread.

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    Thank you, can I click on more then on rss in a day?

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    When I have a general in the market my taxing amount lifts - what does this mean for taxing my rss?

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    What exactly is the reason you want to multiply them by 10? Did you know that you get a certain number of free taxes per day? After you exceed this limit, the amount and their number differ depending on your market and resources type. My advice is to take advantage of free taxes tokens first and then analyze the most favorable case. By the way, for tax rate management, you could use ThePayStubs. They have a blog where I found helpful information on this topic, and I think it would help you decide.
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    What does the fact that my taxing amount increases if I have a general in the market mean in terms of my rss taxation? monkey mart

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