I have noticed that there s a high ingame unfairness around the purchase and buying packs for improvement.

The packs are shown as 99.99 USD in the game but Europeans pay 104.99 EURO (close to 115.00 USD)

Norwegian packs are 1099 NOK (close to 125 USD)

I hear ppl can buy Amazon coins and get packs for 80 USD and some Countries is even down at 50 USD for the same pack.

I could understand this if servers where nation or region based, but as players from all around the world is invited to every server this packs who apparently is offered at such a big difference in price make it unfair to those who live in a different country.

All players should be able to play at the same terms and offered the same packs for the sme deal.

You are now offering a pack ingame to me at 99.99 USD but when I pay the price changes to 125 USD because I live in Norway.

So I ask you to take a look at this. Price should at least be close to equal. I can see y charging a little for the exchange rate but 25 USD doesnt make the game fair!