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Thread: Earning Gold

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    Earning Gold

    Hi, I'm new to the game. I see there are building for wood, food, ore, but nothing for gold. Is gold earned through attacking monsters or gathering resources? I can't seem to find a way to earn extra gold.


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    This is how you earn gold. 1. Free levy the gold at your keep and if you have 12530 gems you can use that to get more gold. 2. You can sell monarch gear for gold. 3. You can hunt and or steal greedy goblins on the map. 4. You can gain gold by doing your tavern activities. 5. You can get gold from wheel of fortune, patrol and or buy gold boxes at the black market. 6 you can earn gold from your subordinate cities. 7. You can spend real money to get gold.

    Please do not buy the 99.99 gold pack it is a useless pack.

    Server 10,
    King Durian

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    And the best part? papa's games are available to play on a variety of platforms, including desktop and mobile devices, so you can enjoy them wherever you are. Plus, with regular updates and new releases, there's always something fresh and exciting to look forward to.

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    In many games, including some strategy or resource management games, gold is often obtained through various means. While I don't have specific information about the game you're referring to, I can provide some general insights on how gold is typically acquired in such games.
    Resource Production: In some games, you may have buildings or structures that generate gold over time. These could be mines, trading posts, or economic buildings. Upgrading these structures can increase the amount of gold produced. Rainbow Friends: Chapter 2

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