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Thread: Market Place/ Close gates

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    Market Place/ Close gates

    I think the games in need of a market place similer to age 1. Were you can trade resources with other players at a fluctuating rate. Similar to stock market. People could foucus on one resource and trade for what they need. Will stop lower players just being used as farms and losing interest in the game. Extremely unbalanced between the big coiners and the non coiners plus occasional spenders.

    A close gate feature is needed. The server im in at the moment, if your not bubbled your gonna get zeroed, 24/7 bubble required. Were Currently 3weeks in 2nd in alliance ranking was 1st. Everybody has had trurce on since start of server. There is no chance of things changing. If you don't want to loose all your troops. You need to have a bubble all the time. I'm all for coining but you should be able to choose weather to try and protect your resources or to let them be plundered. Will stop this hit and run tatic that has taken over. Hit then bubble or port then bubble.

    Without close gates feature. Truce agreement will be most used item on evony. It shouldn't be that way.

    Please comment your thoughts thanks

    SJK Server 21 (gyros land ha)

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    Dear Liege
    As I know, these two features were cut down intentionally from the browser version. Maybe we will add them back in the future updates but the chance is not high. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    Great idea bro. But most unfortunatly evony doesnt care about what makes sense. They care about the money u spend to get them truce agreements an ports an troops to port n hit. And when those items r gone. Thats when u are forced to purchase another pack again.....

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