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Thread: Account locked

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    Account locked

    In game name: DragonQueen©
    ID 10421166
    Server 6

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    Account locked, don't know why. Spent a lot on here, please help

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    Quote Originally Posted by CDK View Post
    In game name: DragonQueen©
    ID 10421166
    Server 6
    Dear Liege
    Recently we've banned the some accounts due to using bots to obtain gems. We stress that using third party methods to automate and obtain gems is against the terms of service and accounts caught in this will be dealt with immediately without notification.

    Best Regards

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    James please review the ban. As stated above I did not bot and have spent a lot of money In this game i have purchases to prove this. Check your logs. I lost a lot of subs cities and troops. Please get back to me as soon as possible.

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