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Thread: Resource Transportation Tax

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    Resource Transportation Tax

    I saw this topic mentioned a couple months ago and a ton of the questions and suggestions said here in general probably mean nothing, but I can't help but post this somewhere.

    The tax on transporting resources to alliance members is absolutely insane. I have to pay a 56% tax on transporting resources to my friends. The last time this was brought up a couple months ago and it was a 48% tax. Evony said they would look into the issue and apparently the tax has only increased since then.

    What is the reasoning in punishing people trying to help their fellow alliance members or friends out? The tax is flat out ridiculous and needs to be taken out of the game immediately. There's no reason I have to pay almost 100k in lumber to transport just 75k lumber to my friend. This was never a thing in Evony Age 1.

    I'm sure this thread will be "brought to the developers" or whatever and it probably won't ever reach anyone important because although it would improve our experience, it won't put money in Evony's pocket. But this tax is ridiculously stupid and I need to get it off my chest in slight hopes of knocking some sense into the game devs.

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    If you want your tax to decrease then upgrade your embassy.

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