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Thread: USING Monarch & General EXP points & Medals

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    USING Monarch & General EXP points & Medals

    Hey guys,

    In my Items inventory in the Specials tab, I've got tons of Monarch, General EXP points and even some medals.
    the question is; what am I suppose to do with them? When I click on the EXP icons they don't have that green "use" button
    and when I go to my Generals Inventory, they don't offer me a way to give them the EXP points. So when/How can I use these "special items"?

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    If you go to a general... you click on it and scroll to the bottom. You'll see a green experience status bar. When it's filled your general levels up

    To add experience hit the plus sign on the bar. Then you can apply as much experience as you want.

    Good luck. ��

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    The medals are used to "star" your general... but it also needs lots of gold.

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    Go to your General and choose "Enhance" to use medals. You will also need gold to enhance.

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