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Thread: Subordinate Cities

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    Hopefully you found it by now �� However if anyone is looking, go to the ... (more) then select Subordinate Cities. If you select the city you're looking for cords are on the top right.

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    I have one sub city how do I create more

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    Look on the map for npc city. Attack it and it will become a sub city for you. You can up to 4 after a certain lvl...

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    How can I ocupy the subordinate city

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    Attack the subordinate city up to 10 times to capture it from another player or attack an unowned NPC subordinate city once and win to take the subordinate city as your own. The number of cities you can have depends on your prestige.

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    Automatic when you reach City Level 10

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheToug View Post
    Can the troops you train in your Sub Cities be sent to your Main City?
    Go to:
    Subordinate City
    (Click on the Sub City)

    You will see two options half way down your screen with sliders:
    Automatic fight for other Cities allows for the troops in that sub to go to other subs or your main when you are being attacked
    Accept reinforcements from other Cities allows for troops from other subs or your main to help defend when that sub is being attacked

    Also, when you are attacking a monster, boss, sub city, or enemy city by yourself (solo), you can select or deselect the sub cities to join you in the attack. Using your subs a lot will over time wound and kill your sub's troops, so you might want to use sparingly, unless you are trying to level up the generals in those subs.

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    Does the level of the subordinate city stay with your level, or can it pass your keep level?

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    dragonbruce I think you will find it in your main city.

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    Your sub cities cannot be higher than your main keep level.

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