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Thread: Subordinate Cities

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    Subordinate Cities

    How do i get a Subordinate City

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    Send all your troooooooooops!!!!!!!!! if you click on the npc city, then hit attack, you can see what level troops and amounts that npc city has.

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    If it's NPC sub city just check if you have an extremely high win rate. If the sub city is owned by a player you better check that sub city.,

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    Can we have more than 3 subordinate cities???

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    Yes. If you get promoted through prestige you can get more sub cities. If you want to get promoted you need to check the requirements for the next rank and you also have to beat the lowest ranking player in the next rank you are trying to achieve.

    King Durian.

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    Can you port out a Sub city once you've obtained control of it? Does it become a second city vs a permanent structure that cannot move no matter what?

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    You cannot port out a sub city.

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    Can the in city sub be attacked?

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    No it can't not and you also can't get rid of the sub city inside your city.

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    Thank you, I'm sure I'll have many more questions.

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    Can the troops you train in your Sub Cities be sent to your Main City?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheToug View Post
    Can the troops you train in your Sub Cities be sent to your Main City?
    Go to:
    Subordinate City
    (Click on the Sub City)

    You will see two options half way down your screen with sliders:
    Automatic fight for other Cities allows for the troops in that sub to go to other subs or your main when you are being attacked
    Accept reinforcements from other Cities allows for troops from other subs or your main to help defend when that sub is being attacked

    Also, when you are attacking a monster, boss, sub city, or enemy city by yourself (solo), you can select or deselect the sub cities to join you in the attack. Using your subs a lot will over time wound and kill your sub's troops, so you might want to use sparingly, unless you are trying to level up the generals in those subs.

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