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Thread: How long to stay in protection?

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    How long to stay in protection?

    So I have all my buildings to lvl 5, 8 farms at lvl 5, 7 sawmills at lvl 5, and cant research since i'm out of gold. I've basically been just training warriors & slinger conscripts since thats all i can currently train and sending my troops out to hit monsters around me (so far have been able to go up to lvl 9 monsters).

    I don't know if there's another mechanic that i'm missing (a way to get gold perhaps) but it seems like there really isn't much else for me to do but push past lvl 5 fort and break my protection. I have limited experience with these types of games but i thought it was always beneficial to milk your time in protection so you can research and train as much as possible but it seems to me like those lvl 1 troops im making are pretty much useless in a real fight and i get the feeling like i'd be better off upgrading so i can start making better trooops.

    What would be my best course of action? Do i really gain any benefit from staying in protection or am i better off just leaving protection and spending my boosts on construction/training that i've been hoarding to build up my army?

    Any input would be appreciated, thanks!

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    Your protection drops after lvl 6 or 3 days whichever comes first, Gold you can get by random monster drop or using The levy function on your keep, best chance of staying alive is join an alliance.

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    I suggest you join an alliance. If you need gold go kill some goblins. The only benefit you gain being in protection is that you don't get BBQed.

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