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    Hey James,
    Looking through forum i get the understanding you are the Only one here answering. I have gone back and forward with ingame support regarding lacking info as to when watchtower Will show reinforcements in enemy cities. I keep getting the same Lame answer "other players Can turn on and off support fast" thats all good and Well, But i came across an issue that i attacked a City massively reinforced thinking there was No one But the player i attacked as report was not showing. Lvl 14 watchtower tells me i Can see enemy troops, Nothing after that indicates that i need lvl 17 watchtower in order to see that. Thats lacking info from developers. I lost close to 250k t10 troops because of this. I have spend a lot of money, ressources and time building those troops. I am looking to be compensatet for those lost troops. Or even better for you and your developing team to make sure i get Them back. This wont be the last time you have this problem unless you guys make sure players are getting better info in game as to when reinforced troops Will show.
    Hope you get back to me fast.
    Server 6
    Name: Anconia
    Id: 10449337

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    Dear Liege
    Could you also post the screenshots of the battle report and scout report here please? Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anconia View Post
    How do i add screenshot?
    this is a test

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sxr4 View Post
    this is a test
    here are the images Anconia
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    James this is Seriously bullshit

    James If you guys keep giving us respons like this many Will quit. This is complete bullshit
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    Dear Liege
    Please list your troops and the amount for each type of your troops, and then we will reimburse your troops. Our developer told me that you have to upgrade your Tower to lv17 to see enemy reinforcements. The submitted the update to App Store few days ago which includes updating the lv17 Tower function description, but it's not approved yet. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    Hey James,
    That Sounds Great. Im greatfull for your help.
    150k musketeers
    61k imperial footknights

    Hope this Will be the last time i need the help of support

    Kind Regards

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    In game name is <Anconia> by the Way, But you Got my id

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