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    is there another way to get the legendary scroll ? instead to buy from those package, it not a good idea there are only one option to get them for crafting.

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    Legendary scrolls for generals ? Or for gear?

    Generals can be purchased in the tavern you can get all generals in the game it's just a matter of chance also if you don't want to buy the 99.99usd packs you can buy the event ones if you spend 35usd you will usually get a purple I believe.

    Scrolls for general gear can be won by defeating lv 10 BOSS monsters in game. Again these are random aswell you may end up with duplicates before you get a full set of scrolls for full gear.

    Hope I answered your questions

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    You want legendary scrolls? That's easy man. Al you need is a keep 25 player with a shit ton of troops and go join their monster rally. Only two ways to get scrolls: 1 is to buy them and 2 is join monster rallies. If your alliance doesn't want to monster rally then leave your alliance.

    Server 10,
    King Durian.

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