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Thread: Wounded vs killed

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    Wounded vs killed

    Q. what factors are inclusive in determining which troops are wounded vs killed especially in an attacking/defending pvp role?

    I've been experiencing a very one sided aspect in winning battles but having 100% of my felled troops killed vs 100% of opposing cities troops wounded.
    Are attackers troops punished vs defenders troops safeguarded?
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    Oh lol. Your second question is easy to answer. Is your hospital full?

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    No my hospital is always empty, only time troops seem to go there is for battles outside of cities,
    Seems like everyone gets wounded troops in pvp except for me,
    Hospital is max to keep, above max march, any few that end there from killing monsters I heal straight away with speed ups,
    Pvp always mine always killed vs oppositions 100% wounded for target,
    I like attacking pvp but what's the point?
    Already taking extra walls/towers/defence/troop numbers stats against you in first place, to be penalised for winning takes the biscuit

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    There is a skill that you unlock via your monarch talent tree called Rescue. It heals a portion of your killed troops in pvp and makes them wounded rather than killed. This skill unlocks at lvl 14 and has four lvls.

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    Invest in the rescue talent. Every time you attack another player your troops will die. That is just how the game works.

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