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Thread: the best and reliable fifa 18 coins online

  1. #1 the best and reliable fifa 18 coins online

    As the of the most popular FUT online game, there are many FIFA 18 players who want to buy FIFA 18 coins.

    Each FIFA 18 player wants to get the best FUT team. We have two ways to reach this:

    1. Buy FIFA Points and spend it to get random players. You cannot control the whole process, its like lottery. If you are lucky enough, you may get Ronaldo. In many situations, you can only obtain usual players, even bronze or silver players. You may spend too much money but get nothing.

    2. Buy FIFA 18 coins from You can decide how many coins you need. And then search in the transfer market to choose the player you want. You will get the player you want very easily.

    However, buying FIFA 18 coins is not allowed by EA. Your FIFA 18 coins may be wiped or your account may be banned. So is there a better way for buying FIFA 18 coins?

    Most online FIFA 18 coins stores are resellers. They buy and resell coins. They don't care too much about players' accounts. But we are a team of FIFA players who are now selling FIFA 18 coins to players around the world. We have supplied FIFA 18 coins to some big FIFA coins sites. We know the exact method hwo to make the transaction as safe as we can.

    1.Never use bronze cards for trade. EA will review each transaction. If you sell a lots of bronze players which is not normal to EA. You may get warnings from EA.

    2. Don't set the max buy now price. You should sell the players at 80% or less of the max buy now price.

    3. Never use comfortable trade method when you buy FIFA 18 coins. We don' t accept comfortable trade orders. Because all comfortable trade accounts may be linked to each other which is very dangerous to buyers' accounts.

    4. Buy some points before and after buying FIFA 18 coins. This is a normal players' behavors which tells EA you are a good player.

    Hope you enjoy a good experience when you buy FIFA 18 coins on

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    How to get enough fifa 18 coins?
    Play the game to earn? Cost your much time! Buy from EA? Cost your much money!

    Comparing to those two ways, it seems that buy fifa18 coins from the coins selling site is a better way to get coins, and the best is to choose, why? Do you want to buy fifa 18 coins? You have come to the right place. is the destination for cheap fifa 18 coins!

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    Can go to get enough fifa18 coins,welcome to u ,have a nice day

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaosuo View Post
    Can go to get enough fifa18 coins,welcome to u ,have a nice day
    Tks bro, nice to meet you

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