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Thread: Recover my account

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    Good afternoon,

    My phone got stolen tuesday, i have got a replacement phone today, unfortunately i dont'l think i've linked the account. if it is linked with apple id, i dont have iphone yet and im using android device.

    My user id is: 54979592. i would like to switch it to47498373. May you arrange this for me please?


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    Recover my account

    My account was unlinked. Is it possible to recover the account to be able to log in again? .

    My detail as follows: -
    Name: Peader
    ID: 66460755
    Server: 419

    Hope you can reply to me as soon as possible.

    Make another account
    Name: Landmar81
    ID: 66950621
    Server: 419

    Thank you.


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    I lost the link of the account as mention before, now my mobile only allow me start a new game and cannot login into my old game as above call GRRF912.

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    Please help me to recover my account I accidentally deleted, hope you can help me.
    My old account
    Name: MarksMans
    Server 333
    Google play ID:CapaciousDrop10

    New account

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    Please help me svs war is coming

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    I accidentally logged out of my unlinked account and cannot login. How can I retrieve this account?

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    My ID is 50533099, my NickName is RoseWhite, alliance JLD, server 310.
    I play this game since August 2020 on an samsung phone. Yesterday i have a crash on my phone and i can't conect me back.
    Please help me to connect me back onto the game.
    In your loggs you can see, i am the founder of DCN league on 310, and the alliance i play this game are DCN, VIP and JLD.
    Thanks for helping me.

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    Hello lost my account I need help to relink it!

    My old ID is 17677603

    My new ID is 72618713

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    Hi I lost my account, same I change my phone ind when I intall the game agaen, it was link in Facebook to and old account, not the newest, I contact Jeanne, from costumer Service, and ask me to open a new accoun in the same server, and send her pictures of rhe new and the one I whant to recover, well, it has been 7 days I send her the information and I have no answer.
    Could you help me to recover my accounr

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